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State of Art Processing Power & Memory

4 Core Processing (2X1.5GHz)
Ultra-Fast Real Time Operating System
Unlimited memory:

Multi Programming

Flexible developing environment IEC61131-3 (PLCOpen, Ladder, ST, SFC, Function Block), C/C++, .NET Simple to use Smart Motion Building Blocks

5μs Jitter

Essential In Ensuring Efficient Real Time Networking. Minimal Jitter ensures that short cycle times are Fully utilized, without wasting most of the cycle handling the jitter.


Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) - User design and code running on the Platinum core in real time. Insert your own MATLAB/SIMULINK code to run the applications in the P-MAS real time.

  • Simple and advanced servo tuning
  • User unit support, error mapping and correction, drive feedback emulation
  • Maestro controller and servo drive ECAM configuration, with simplified external reference
  • Input processing, bode & Nichols tuning graphical analysis
  • Management (upload/download) of numerous servo drives configurations
  • Automated recording live scope
  • Comprehensive inline help system and gauge displays
  • Includes a built in IEC 61131-3 programming environment.

The Ultimate Tool that "Walks You Through" the Entire Motion Implementation


EASII is the motion control industry's most advanced, fast and simple to use, complete motion control solution tool, providing a flexible, advanced, user-friendly tools, and easy motion-programming environment.


It conducts the whole development process of your motion and servo system and optimizes it to te best performance in the shortest time.

Elmo Application Studio II Software

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For 100+
synchronized axes

For 32
synchronized axes

Unprecedented cycle time for up to 8 axes

The Platinum is Elmo’s newest network motion controller.
Designed to reach extreme multi-axis performance with enhanced connectivity and countless features, it is truly the ideal controller where motion matters.

Multi- Axis Motion Controller