Smart Safety | Huge Savings for Manufacturers


Elmo drives with advanced Functional Safety over EtherCAT help manufacturers

Save money, hardware, and space, while increasing machine safety dramatically

Where Motion Matters

smart safety | perfect servo | simpler | faster | stable | smaller


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Twitter Family | Technical Innovation of the Year Winner


World's smallest, most powerful servo drive, helps making smart machine smarter and smaller. Up to 10kW of cont. Power (160A), with EtherCAT, STO, and rich with motion Functionality.

Latest Technology in

May 22-24, Pav. 5 - booth # G061



Bottling, Labeling, Textile


UAV, Drone,
Airborne antenna


Rehabilitation, Surgical, Bionic


SMT, Packaging, Inspection, assembly


Industrial, Collaborative

Superior Multi-Axis Control, Unbeatable Servo
Performance, Efficient Real Time Networking


Making Smart Machines Smarter

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Come and visit us at SPS IPC DRIVES 2018


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Platinum Maestro | Now up to 256 axes of motion


World's most advanced motion controller, rich with motion functionality, advanced networking, and programing flexibility, gets an upgrade

EASII 2.4 | Multi-Axis Motion Implementation Has Never Been So Simple


The Industry leading motion software gets an update, bringing forward several new visual and recording tools aimed at improving user experience, and simplifying motion implementation.

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Want to learn how smart drives and control can help improve machine performance,

while enabling manufactures to achieve more for less?


"The Paradox of Smart Manufacturing" presentation will be held at the Elmo booth, Pav. 5 - booth # G061, Wednesday May 23, 2018.

(Italian - 11:00am/ English -12:30pm)


The "Paradox of Smart Manufacturing" is nominated for the SPS Award 2018 "Roberto Maietti", rewarding this year's most prestigious abstracts under the topic of "The challenges of automation: efficiency and flexibility".

Davide Fuoco -

Managing Director Italy,

Elmo Motion Control