Once again, breaking the boundaries.

  • Incorporates Proprietary "Fast and Soft Switching Technology" resulting in >99% efficiency with negligible EMI
  • Supports any feedback sensor in single, dual and gantry loop configurations
  • Advanced EtherCAT Or CANOpen networking

Utmost Reliability:

worlds's smallest servo drive does not compromise on anything

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Smallest STO Servo Drive on Earth.

The Twitter drives are now STO ceritified (SIL 3) and are backed by the highest of safety standards. The Twitter the world's smallest servo drive to reach this safety certification level and support Safety Torque Off (STO)

Focused on servo innovation and utmost safety, Elmo is determined to create not only the higest power-density drives, but also the safest ones.


This acheivement is a significant milestones on the way to completing full Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) certification across Elmo servo drives. [coming in 2017]

Our Gold Twitter servo drives support Safe Torque Off (STO) according to the following industry standards:

  • Simple and advanced servo tuning
  • User unit support, error mapping and correction, drive feedback emulation
  • Maestro controller and servo drive ECAM configuration, with simplified external reference
  • Input processing, bode & Nichols tuning graphical analysis
  • Management (upload/download) of numerous servo drives configurations
  • Automated recording live scope
  • Comprehensive inline help system and gauge displays

The Ultimate Tool that "Walks You Through" the Entire Motion Implementation


EASII is the motion control industry's most advanced, fast and simple to use, complete motion control solution tool, providing a flexible, advanced, user-friendly tools, and easy motion-programming environment.


It conducts the whole development process of your motion and servo system and optimizes it to te best performance in the shortest time.

Elmo Application Studio II Software

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Elmo's revolutionary Nano servo drive is now avaialble with a 80A/80V version, capable of delivering over 5kW of qualatative power.

The Gold Twitter is the smallest, high-powered servo drive on the market today. Weighing just around 20grams and less than 13 cm3 in volume, the Twitter is the ideal servo drive for our philiosphy of "Mount-it-Anywhere". It can be found in various applications with extreme space constraints.

World’s Smallest Most Powerful Servo Drive