New firmware updates available now for the
Gold Maestro Motion Controllers, Gold Servo Drives
and the new version 2.2 of EASII Elmo Application Studio.


Take advantage of even faster, even simpler motion control. 

EASII Version 2.2 Update

Highlights include:

  • New Error Mapping Tool Additions: New features like Parameter Locking, Freely Defined Experiment Points, and  Drive Table with Modulo.
  • ECAM Table Editor: Design, simulate and activate multiple ECAM paths in parallel using Maestro curving algorithms.
  • EtherCAT Configuration Tool Changes: Added full device information, Gold/Platinum Maestro  indication, option to automatically disconnect from both G-MAS and Gateway devices.

Now more simplicity, new & upgraded features and a new look with version! Learn more and download >

Gold Maestro Motion Controller (G-MAS) Firmware Update

Highlights include:

  • PCS Transformation Support: After setting the part’s offset and rotation, you can now work in the Part Coordinate System (PCS).
  • New Supported Kinematics: Scara robot, 3-link robot.
  • EMBLs: Elmo Motion Block Library  to simplify already existing PLCopen functionalities within the Maestro.

New firmware version uImage_v1.1.6.0.B7_.gms includes new and updated features! Learn more and download >

Gold Servo Drive Firmware update

Highlights include:

  • New Baritone Drive: Elmo’s smallest “Direct to Mains” servo drive. A transformer-less drive that solves the cabling nightmare and reduces electrical cabinet size down to almost nothing!
  • Panasonic incremental sensor support.
  • Motor Temperature measurement (PTC) in G DUET: New motor temperature indicator.

New firmware version includes new features and capabilities! Learn more and download >

The New Gold Line 
Firmware & Software Updates

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